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I offer two jingle packages, priced at $1500 / $3250. The difference in pricing has mostly to do with amount of media where you need to use your jingle. (radio/TV/internet/phone-hold/video production). I'm happy to provide a more detailed description of each package to interested companies.

Terms for all jobs are simple:
  1. A 50% deposit is required to start the process.
  2. Revisions? I keep working until you are happy. Period!
  3. You will own the finished product, completely - No Royalties!
  4. Balance is due when you are satisfied.

What if I don’t like the jingle produced?

First Thing – I don’t stop working until you are happy, Period. We are all professionals, we will work together to make your jingle great. Your jingle project is a collaboration between you, your team, and myself. The most important question then becomes: Why don’t you like it?

Usually the answer is that there is some part that you don’t like. Is it a lyric that’s not quite right? Or a word you can’t understand? Does it remind you of something and you don’t want it associated with your image? Your team and I will work through revisions, perfecting your product – the process continues until you are satisfied.

A successful jingle is the result of several elements put together. First, I create your initial presentation; if something’s not right, identify the issue and we replace it. When you are ready – approve the jingle, pay the balance. Then I will deliver the jingle and you own it – the jingle is yours for life. It’s really that simple!

That’s why I have no problem saying: If you hire me, I will keep working until you are happy!

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Find the perfect jingle package for your business.

Your process of getting The PERFECT JINGLE

I call you to discuss your project and setup the initial payment.

I write and produce your jingle. 

I keep working until you are happy with the results.

You approve the jingle and pay your final balance.

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