Your Jingle Questions Answered Below

How much does a jingle cost?

I offer three jingle packages, priced at $750 / $1500 / $2250. The difference in pricing has mostly to do with amount of media where you need to use your jingle. (radio/TV/internet/phone-hold/video production). I’m happy to provide a more detailed description of each package to interested companies.

Terms for all jobs are simple:

  1. A 50% deposit is required to initiate production.
  2. I keep working until you are happy.
  3. Balance due on completion.
  4. You own the approved work into perpetuity.

What if i don't like a jingle that's been produced for me?

The most important question becomes:

Why don’t you like it?
The answer usually is that there is one part of it that you don’t like. Is there a lyric that’s not right? Is there a word you can’t understand? Does it remind you of something you don’t want associated with your image?

Like any task in life, a successful jingle is the result of several elements put together, and the end result is greater than the sum of its parts. If something’s not right, identify the part and replace it. It’s really that simple!

That’s why I have no problem telling you that if you hire me, I will keep working until you are happy!

I have an idea for my own jingle

If you have an idea for your jingle, I’d love to hear your idea, and I’d be happy to make it a reality for you! Most of the jingles I’ve done include ideas from my clients. While I do have musical and production/technical expertise, I am not an expert on how you want to present your company to your community. Your ideas are not just welcome … they are absolutely necessary to the success of your advertising!

The Glen Lerner jingle

I produced the Glen Lerner commercial jingle that is heard on all of his TV and radio commercials in 2007, and have produced several others for his agency and several other law firms and car dealerships since. Between Las Vegas and Phoenix alone, there are 6 millions residents – - all of them know the Glen Lerner jingle.

I need a new jingle asap

If you need a jingle fast, I can produce for you within 2 days provided you have a fairly clear idea of what you want. This includes lyrics to be sung, and an overall idea of musical style.

There this jingle that's been playing for years I want something that's catchy like this one

Is there a really catchy jingle in your market? Do you want something like it? Does your competitor have a catchy jingle? I want to hear these jingles … and I want to help you blow them out of the water!

Are jingles worth the money?

If you are advertising on radio or TV, a jingle will make your message at least 90% more memorable than if it were spoken. What is that worth to you?

What makes jingles catchy?

The truth is, no one really knows for sure. But the basic elements are this: A message that is relevant, a good rhyme, a melody that is simple, and a pleasant vocal delivery.

What exactly is a jingle?

“Jingle” is a word that is used for any piece of music used in advertising. As a result, it’s meaning is actually quite vague.

There are three jingle types:

  • Songs… Complete musical compositions (lyrics/melody) that deliver the entire advertising message
    Example: “My bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R..”
  • Logos… Just like a visual logo, this is a short little music phrase, with or without lyrics, that immediately identifies the advertiser, and works to create an image.
    Example: “I love what you do for me, Toyota!”
  • Purchase Enhancer (my own term)… A song, or musical logo that specifically directs customers to a point of purchase.
    Example: “Glen Lerner is the way to go, call eight seven seven one five oh oh!”